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The 696 Mangal Restaurant is our favorite eat out, and my family enjoys their meals and hospitality a lot. The Kebap we ordered was juicy, delicious and soft. I would like to know what they use to marinate the excellent meat.I couldn’t help notice the warm and welcoming environment warm. Try it, and you won’t regret it.

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Client 2

What’s more to say about the 696 Mangal Restaurant? Their food was incredibly delicious, the décor is classy, and the staff is friendly. I felt the taste of superior ingredients of their food, and I am happy my friend introduced me to this great restaurant. What a great place!

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Client 3

My family and I stumbled on the 696 Mangal Restaurant yesterday evening, and I must say the food is amazingly delicious. It is a beautiful eatery and has the yummiest Turkish food with perfect customer service. What a great evening keep up!

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