What we offer

Turkish Food

At 696 Mandal Restaurant, you get a chance to taste traditional Turkish meal that is unique in quality and flavor. There is a variety of classical Turkish cuisine that everyone must try. Their food is both for the vegetarian and for the lovers of meat and animal products.

Turkish Meal for the vegetarian

At 696 Mangal Restaurant, there is a variety of Turkish vegetable meal for the strict vegetarian. Here the meals are cooked without meat and are fried with olive oil

The dishes available are:

  • Yaprak Sarma

It is an incredibly delicious traditional Turkish food. It is a mixture of rice, spices and some wrapping of onion with vine leaves. The spices here can be mint, pepper, currant or cinnamon. They are garnished with lemon slices making the meal amazingly eye-catching. It serving is cold.

  • Dolma

This is definitely an all favorite Turkish dish. It is a fascinating cuisine with an ancient history. Fresh or dry vegetables for example eggplants, zucchinis, tomatoes, and stuffing of peppers are with a blend of onion, spices, and rice. It’s served cold for the vegetarian just like the Sarma dish.

Turkish meal with Meat

  • Karniyarik

It is a delicious Turkish meal comprises of eggplants fried with exotic minced meat, tomato filling, pan-fried onions, garlic, and parsley without forgetting the sizzling Turkish spices. A touch of cinnamon and cumin will bring some charm and warmth to your table. It inevitably bursts with a lip-smacking aroma. You can accompany it with a flavored Turkish yoghurt straight from the fridge. This meal will awake your taste buds. It’s a must have cuisine when you visit the 696 Mangal Restaurant

  • Kebaps

It is undoubtedly the Turkish national cuisine. The beef is coated with a brochette and then grilled over a charcoal furnace. You can choose either beef, lamb or chicken. You can spice up your meal with this finger licking delicious Kebaps. Their main garnish is crispy potatoes, rice or fresh salad.